The Transwave Advantages

Why Choose Transwave

Our Fleet

For purchasing and maintaining its equipment, Transwave Logistics has created a set of standards. All of our trucks are equipped with QUALCOMM software, which enables us to monitor the condition of our equipment in real time. Regular fault code inspections are performed by our maintenance team, and any problems are reported to our drivers. To ensure the delivery of your loads, our trailers also come equipped with state-of-the-art navigation systems and custom tracking support software. Our excellent safety track record is evidence of our strong safety standards and dedication to quality assurance.

IT Integration

To identify new ways to lower transportation costs and enhance the quality of our service, Transwave logistics save enormous amounts of raw data, extending from real-time truck positions to clients’ freight loading instructions.
To enhance cooperation between our drivers, technicians, and office employees, our expert developers has also produced a number of mobile applications by entrusting your freight to our organization.

24/7 Customer Support

Transwave Logistics cares deeply about its clients. Given that you put your trust in us, it is our duty to use our specialized team and service coordinator to ensure that your goods is secure and lead to positive outcomes.
We also provide EDI integration services, enabling you to send and receive freight schedules electronically and get real-time feedback on the status of your deliveries. If you have any queries or issues, our services are always open and ready to help.

Our Teams

Whether it’s our drivers or our office staff, we’re always looking for people with an entrepreneurial attitude and a passion for finding solutions to practical issues. Employees are encouraged to broaden their skill sets and push themselves outside of their comfort zones, whether they are recruits, seasoned veterans, or temporary interns. We are always taking care of our team!
Every new employee of Transwave receives personal training and follow-up from our top management teams. Employees gather on a regular basis to share their successes, difficulties. Many of the custom programs and reporting tools we’ve created over the years have been inspired by these open forums, which give management invaluable insights into how the business operates.
To prepare our workers for leadership and decision-making roles inside the company. Our each department receives specialized educational support to help its employees. We also offer hands-on training to our staff to our study programmes so they may use what they have learned in the classroom.